Clearing Out the Mind

Goody Wonderers:

I tend to over think these things but I’m wondering if I clean out the office will it come with a clarity of what career I can for with the rest of my life? I know already my main focus is to be mother, guardian, protector of my grandchildren, but what else can I do. I have a college education and work experience. I think I need a job! But what kind of job?

Working from home would be an ideal situation for me because I need/have to manage my stress level to stay healthy. Family life is about all the stress I can handle.  I used to go to work to escape the stress from home and go home to escape the stress from work.  Now there is no happy medium.  I can no longer do both but I feel I want to do something.

Here’s my problem.  I do tend to let people pile things up on me. You remember that’s apart of my personality trait. I start one job and end up with two additional job descriptions. It’s that cause in the work contract, “and any other duty to perform the job to the fullest function”, that gets me in trouble. I never know how to say, “No.” And before I know it I’ve worked myself into a health crisis. It might take me a long time to get there but I get there eventually. And my doctor says, “No.”

So, Here is my job consideration list:
1. Can’t be a 9-5 job.
2. Must be flexible to work when I feel up to it.
3. Prefer to work from home.
4. Can’t be stressful or strenuous.
5. Must pay well.

Anybody know of any jobs that fit that description?

I might just have to change my home classification to Domestic Engineer and put a dollar amount of my duties. I wonder if my husband can pay me and it be a tax write off for one of us. (Must ask that question when I do my taxes.)  Until then,  honey can I get an allowance for cleaning the office?

Mental Note: Don’t touch anything until I get a response.  I let you know how it works out.

5 thoughts on “Clearing Out the Mind

  1. Love it! I am in the same boat. Home life is stressful, work is stressful, don’t have a social life, because I’m stressed dealing with folks who can’t play nicely amongst a collective group setting. Tried being by myself but those voices are stressing me out! WTHeck???? LOL

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