Artful Oven Mitts

Hello wonderers!

You guys know I have been searching for a craft to make for the middle schoolers. Well, thanks to stitchinggrandma for blogging about this site. I have found the coolest oven mitts at

You have to go over and take a peek! They are gorgeous. You know how I love colorful things.
Thanks Maria for sharing.

I know you remember I am a little challenged on the sewing machine but Prettyladybaby is coming to visit her mommy soon and you guys know how she loves to guilt. She can get me started and I’ll have plenty of time to get enough for atleast a class. What, I’ve got until the end of May. ;-). And I can make them feminine or masculine. How cool is that!

And there’s a bonus to all of this. Kerrie will be elated I’m sewing!

I’m accepting my own challenge. A new year. A new project. I’m so excited!!!!

10 thoughts on “Artful Oven Mitts

  1. OMGosh – this is right up my alley! Not that i can make them, but I do use oven mitts daily! (hint) LOL I’m sure yours are going to be beautiful. Give our child a hug for me! 🙂

    • Merry Christmas Pam. We ( I mean Kerrie) are relaxing on the sewing machine today. I’m having a blast but I know she is feeling exhausted. She keeps saying, ” Mom your not listening!” I always told them some day they were going to get it all back. 😉
      Having fun with my children!!!!

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