September Was a Blast

Good morning fellow wonderers:

First let me say, Thank you for all your well wishes! I had a great birthday and a very nice anniversary. My husband and I went to Charlotte, NC and stayed at the historical Dunhill Hotel. What I love about The Dunhill, there are no kitchens or any kitchen accessories in the suites. For me, if I have to cook, it’s just not a vacation! This is my stayation location. I love that it is in the heart of the city. We park the car and walk around like we used to do when we were young living in Philadelphia.
I’ve stayed in the Penthouse before but I must say the lower levels are just as nice and the amenities are excellent.

While in Charlotte I had the pleasure of sampling The Mimosa Grill on 327 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC and The Delta on 525 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. Both restaurants have valet parking while Mimosa offers a farm to fork southern cuisine and sophisticated atmosphere; The Delta offers a live jazz band that took me back to New Orleans with their style of southern fare. We went to A Poetry Slam at the Blumenthal and What the Truck! Food Feastival. I even got in an art show. I did not get a chance to go to the Southern Women’s Show but I have to leave something for me to wish on for next year.

I did get the Starbucks You Are Here cup!


I had a blast

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