It is written, it is so

The numerology chart at has this to say for my address. I thought to check it out to see if my decorating is complimentary to the house’s personality. This is some serious stuff (lol) and it might also have the answers to some questions I have about the direction some of theses rooms are going. 🙂

This address inspires creativity, optimism, flexibility, and openness. An excellent address for artists and unconventional people. Equally well suited for singles or families. Older people tend to feel comfortable in this environment, while younger people are inspired to do something unique and creative. Probably the most up-beat of all addresses. A good location for an art studio but not so good for a home-office. Lacking focus and direction, this address is not ideal for ambitious workaholics. Also not a good address for serious or overly religious people.

Strengthen the positive influence of this address with: Bright colors, art work, perhaps even a mural or two. The interior design should be unconventional and loosely arranged furniture. Mix modern and antiques and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

That explains my office. And why I should turn it into an art studio.

There’s hope for me still!


One thought on “It is written, it is so

  1. Hey Niece, I just checked my address, Holy Crap it is right on point! Wow….. I love your picture and decor. Your house looks Beautiful! Keep up the good work and don’t stop creating or blogging! 🙂

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