Mundy Madness – Where it all began.

Good morning fellow wonderers:

Since this is my 25th wedding anniversary, I thought I would take you back to where all the madness began. How I met my husband.

I used to be a legal assistant for Hyatt Legal Services back in the 1980’s. Our office had a state of the art conference room that the regional department felt they must have and moved their staff into our office space. That’s when this gorgeous guy walked into the building. He had a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh that I heard around the building but I hadn’t had the opportunity to speak with him. The first day I met him was at the introductory staff meeting. Everyone was in the conference room and he began calling out names requesting people to stand. I remember thinking these people were going to get some kind so recognition and was waiting to hear my name when he said, “You all can leave the room, your fired. Everyone else remain seated, the meeting is about to begin.”. So cold. The dismissed people didn’t even have time to react. So calculated. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye, by the time the meeting was over, they were gone. He looked so at ease with this moment. I really did not talk to him again for a couple of weeks.

Our next encounter was when the office manager called me sexist because I usually organized a welcome luncheon for new staff but had not had one for this guy. Well I didn’t consider regional employees one of “our” staff but I took him out to lunch anyway. No one else was available to go so just him and I went and it was a good time. He was very charismatic and told me a lot about himself and we had a lot in common. By the time lunch was over, I decided I liked him, he was alright.

We worked together for a couple weeks more. I had been promoted to office supervisor and he was regional supervisor and our jobs sort of intertwined. The two office staffs had become one and we were all in the front office joking around when the regional director came in. He didn’t know anyone so he asked the guy to make coffee. This proud, above all employees (girls) in the room personality was offended but he did not say a word when he went to the break room. A few moments later he came back with coffee for everyone. That coffee was so thick, when you stirred in the condiments, the spoon just floated with the stir after you released it. He walked over to me and said, “He’ll never ask me to make coffee again”. I knew at that moment I could fall in love with this guy.

Twenty five years later, he only still makes coffee for me!

That’s my story for this week. Thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

2 thoughts on “Mundy Madness – Where it all began.

  1. Happy Anniversary U-2. I love the story – how romantic! LOL Glad I heard the unedited version at Kare’s pre-wedding get together. (the little tid bit your mom added to the mix) too funny. You two are a match made in heaven. Luv U-2. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you both. Love & laughter forever!

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