Progress Complete -chalkboard status

Good Afternoon Fellow Wonderers:

For now, I have completed the mud room space. My magnetic chalkboard is working magic on my imagination and so far Lil J is loving the space. I look around this room and see so many more possibilities. By Christmas it will probably be a arts and craft station as well as educational. You see the rack in the middle of the shelving. I think if I get more racks, I could put all my rapping paper and ribbons on racks. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Poor hubby will have quite a few honey-do list coming soon.

My board, I am loving it. It’s so large and can be used in so many ways I feel it needs a name. I’m going to call it “Munificent Board!”

So with much appreciation for everyones help on my project:


And I already have my first homework assignment ready to hang on it.


Thanks for perusing and until next time, keep wondering.

6 thoughts on “Progress Complete -chalkboard status

  1. Great space! So often, that area is a dumping ground, but you have made it organized, useful and FUN. I may need you to come on over. I think I have said that before, and I am not sure what you are waiting for. πŸ™‚

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