Comporium Cable – I Holler at You

I didn’t want to say the other “H” word but I’m really feeling it today. How’s about I upgraded my cable just to have my Internet knocked out. Oh I can get access it but it just keeps loading so I can’t go anywhere anytime soon. I was nominated for a blogger award by way of Bambileigh and can’t answer it. My first nomination at that. Let me tell you why I upgraded.

A year ago when we moved to Rock Hill and I was devastated to learn that my Uverse cable wouldn’t transfer (almost a deal breaker) we joined up with Comporium. The only cable company in York County. I could have gone with Direct tv except that we are feuding from 2009 and I swore I would never use them again. I realize now that I hurt myself with that one! Reminder, never say never.

Anyway, Comporium told me that video on demand was coming. A year later after I get a message that my cable was increasing because we are getting HBO on demand I was pissed but excited it was finally coming even with an extra price. I waited for the start and when it didn’t happen I called Comporium. Their response, ” You have to upgrade your box because you have fiber optic and you can’t get video on demand”. Well boshieky mostafa as my sister would say. When were they gonna tell me that bit of information. I hung up the phone. Two weeks later I go to them and ask that question again and because I wasn’t speaking the lingo of technology they tried to act like I I didn’t know what I was talking about. Somehow that sounds accurate but they knew what I was trying to say.

Anyway I got down to the bottom line by saying, “I want more bang for my bucks!!” That was understood. Enters the new home DVR device. Which is my old Uverse system, almost. I’m ranting but I’m a serious tv watcher, it’s all I got. Anyway, the new system is supposed to allow me to record on any tv and watch what I recorded on any tv up to five recordings at any given time. Okay now we are talking. The new system is supposed to let me selected videos from a massive library of prerecorded video. Okay, but it is not as massive as they claim, but okay. And guess what? The new system is less expensive than what I had. Why don’t companies advise their clients when they add new programs that might help are advanced. Maybe I need to watch the comporium solutions channel sometimes. Okay so I order the new system and have it installed. As the technician is demonstrating all that the new system can do I ask about HBO on demand that I might add I’m paying for. He calls Comporium because we can’t seem to find the channel. You know what they said, ” It’s coming!”

And my Internet is out!!!!!!!

Comporium I holler at you !!!!!

Until next time, keep wondering.

7 thoughts on “Comporium Cable – I Holler at You

      • Yeah – we found that we could not get cable, we don’t even have fiber optics, so we could only get dial up internet, no high speed. Living in the woods is good for some things, but not everything! We went with Dish for the TV and Hughes net for the internet. we do have a dvr, but nothing on demand. In winter, some years, I sign up for Net Flicks, but this time of year, we survive on what we record. I do love speeding through commercials!

      • Me too! If I could stay awake and see a whole show I wouldn’t need to record everything to watch it later. My kids tease that they will put me in front of a tv and set the DVR on play because every program would be new because I haven’t seen any if them

      • lol we can’t stay up as late as the actors can, apparently. 🙂 We watch a new show every night at 7. Then we can still get to bed at a decent hour, and catch up with the extras on the weekend. LOVE the DVR!

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