Into Every Life A Cake Must Fall

When I was younger I didn’t care much about making pound cake. It seemed boring to me. Chocolate and cakes like pineapple upside down cake was more interesting to make. But when I heard I was to be a Grandmom, the first thought other than baby was I have to learn how to make pound cake.

It took me years to perfect a recipe. You can make it dry, too much lemon and various other mistakes that my kids thought were interesting but tasty. But that Grandmom made this cake taste was on the horizon so I kept trying for my grandchildren’s sake. By the time my grandson was five, I had mastered and even more importantly memorized my famous “Mom Mom Sour Cream Poundcake”. At least that’s what Alex calls it. And every year for his birthday I make his cake. Except this year I had a mishap.

Everything was going well. I had cleared the house, the oven was cool. I slide the cake pan in the oven, set the timer and closed the door. I only needed the house quiet for one hour and I sat down to take a nap. The nap is required, after all I am a Grandmom. Forty-five minutes in, the door bell rang. Its a vacuum cleaner demonstrator. My husband loves new gadgets and let him in. And That’s another blog for another day.

This guy comes in the house inhaling deep and commenting on how good it smells in the house. My husband explains I’m making a birthday cake and the guy just keeps talking about how good it smells and sure wish he was going to be here when it’s cut.. I was in the kitchen but I kept hearing him say it over and over again. Finally the timer goes off. I carefully side the cake out of the oven. It was beautiful, even if I say so myself. I loosened the cake from the pan and went to flip it unto the cake stand when the unthinkable happened. I dropped the cake! It was so freaky. I can’t even explain how it ended up on the kitchen counter in three chunks except that the vacuum cleaner man willed it out of hand. After all he left with a big chunk of warm cake.

It wasn’t a complete total loss we had strawberry short cake for dessert and my daughter was given the task to make the cake for his party. Oh well, into every life a little cake must fall.
Until next time, keep wondering!


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