The Stars Were Almost Aligned.

I don’t know how it happened or why for that reason, but today was the true testament that my scales are unbalanced.

I’ve been waiting since June 6 for a package from Bulgaria. I love to travel and collect art and since traveling is out for a while, my daughter suggested I visit the etsy stores. To my amazement, I fell in love with a canvas painting from shop owner angel Angelov, Bulgaria, Europe.


I was afraid to order it but I stepped out on faith and purchased this unstretched canvas for hardly any money as far as paintings go. The shop owner expedited the delivery and it came professionally packaged all the way from Bulgaria in 13 days. Oh joy was I excited!


Then, guess what, Michaels had a coupon in the Sunday paper for 60 % off + $10.00 off. Double oh joy!! I’m at the store but can’t make up my mine on a frame, so I decided to take a picture and go home and sit in my room and then finalize my decision. After all my coupon is good until 7/17/13.


I don’t know how it happened or why but somewhere between leaving the frame counter and home, I lost the canvas!!!!! All I could say was WTF! How could shopping in a craft store with my daughter and granddaughter be so distracting that I put down my newly found treasure. Or did someone take it out of my car at Target where we stopped to change the babygirl’s diaper? I wonder, did I lock the car doors?

I must of looked devastated because when I got home my husband asked what was wrong and he never notices anything! I should have took a picture of my face for future references in case I have to fake devastation. I did almost cry though before I reminded myself that it is only a picture, Denise. It just wasn’t meant to be but the stars were almost aligned in my favor.

There’s still a chance it might turn up though, the cylinder the canvas came in has my address on it, Target is looking at their surveillance tapes and Michaels is doing a double sweep of the store. If not, I believe in Karma, justice and God. Either way I’m covered.

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