“Spiritual Desert”: Has God Abandoned Me?

Wonderful! A must read from All Things Jesus.


“I’m just not feeling it, I don’t feel Him. I’m just going through the motions in quiet time. My mind wanders and my heart just feels empty.” I remember saying these words to friends as I explained the season of spiritual drought I believed myself to be experiencing. I just couldn’t “feel God” and it was becoming very discouraging. I was frustrated because just a month before quiet time was enlightening, enriching, powerful, almost supernatural and now… crickets. So what changed? That was my question to God. Oh how much I wish I didn’t ask that question lol (be prepared for a real deal answer from the Lord) but I did and I believe He told me exactly what happened.

You see there was a time when I didn’t hear from God, I didn’t have life transforming revelations and conversations with Him. I distinctly remember crying out in quiet time…

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