Can’t sleep

Hello wonders:

It used to be when I couldn’t sleep, I did housework, laundry, move the furniture around, decorate, redecorate, cook, go grocery shopping, just catch up on domestication. Now all I want to do is practice drawing. I remember when first started quilting she would be up quilting all day and night. Quilting consumed her and she has a passion. Now here I am being consumed with drawing. It’s wonderful! I feel like I’m in love. All I want to do is be with my HB to 6B pencils. I’m anxious to use my colored pencils and chalks. I don’t even get upset when I get charcoal on my sheets anymore. I have a new passion. Only thing is….. Who’s doing the housework? One thing I know for sure, there are no magic elves coming here to do any.

7 thoughts on “Can’t sleep

  1. The housework will keep! Give your passion your time and energy! Then; schedule 10 minutes a day to do one “serious” house project. Toilets and sinks; swap a load of laundry; dust a room. It doesn’t have to be perfect or all done in a day. Now, if the health department threatens, put the pencil away! Send the magic elf my way !

    • Hehehe. Thanks for giving me permission to lay out. I do have a housecleaning schedule. I just haven’t been following it since art classes began. I have too much homework. (That’s my justification line.) I think when these other people run out of clean underwear, finally, I’ll get some help around here. 🙂

  2. Plus, if you are recovering, you need lots of help around the house. Then, when they have proven they can do it, they should just keep on doing it. I am sure housework is how you hurt your knee again. lol

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