Secretary needed

I took a few days off to read about blogging and learn some of the basics. It appears to me, my two year old granddaughter is better on the iPad than I am. Case in point, she can get pass my security code and turn on iTunes and the camera. I can’t even orchestrate my calendar. The other day, I typed a 400 word blog but lost it Before I could post it. Talk about devastating. I didn’t have the strength to type it all again, so I guess that will be another blog for another day.

So to end my plight, I decided to hire my grandson to teach me how to use the darn thing. He came cheap. It only costed me a download of Mind Craft and a trip to the GameStop. He has gift card that are burning a hole in his wallet.

It’s true I am a little behind the times when it comes to modern technology, but hey, I am ahead of my dad, he has never owned a computer. ;D

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