Back Scratcher

Good Morning Wonders!

It’s Monday and I actually had some madness over the weekend that I need to share.

I have a back scratcher “The Bearclaw!” but I didn’t know it’s full potential. I bought it at Walgreens 2 years ago just because I liked the way it looked. Having capsulitis I can’t always lift my shoulders and definitely can’t rotate them at will, so this little tool was needed.

Well Saturday while the carpet was being vacuumed I noticed it wasn’t picking up anything. Why would it? Kids don’t pick up anything on the floor they just think the vacuum destroys things like the garage disposal does with limitations. Anyway as I was clearing out the sock,, Legos and dog hairs, the more you pull out the deeper you must go. I used a Pencil, toothbrush, comb end, hanger ( tried it but the bent end deterred my efforts.). I looked around and finally I saw something that I thought would reach, The Back Scratcher!


I was digging and digging and when I went to pull it out, well, it got stuck. I gave it another pull and what? The arm extended. What? I didn’t know that. All this time I’ve been using it to just get to my bra strap and I could have scratched my whole back. I could have gone over my shoulder and scratched my butt if I wanted too. I’m such a dork! Have could I’ve not known. Now the super back scratcher, my new favorite tool is so becoming and has multiple uses.

I’ve used it to reach in and get clothes out of the dryer. Sssh, don’t tell the hubby I still need the pedestal for my washer and dryer. It hurts to extend my shoulder and reach into the back of the dryer. I’m convinced if it was on a pedestal I would be waist level to the opening and then could reach my whole torso into the dryer. That would be better until my back goes out. But I’ve been saved at least for now by my handy back scratcher.

I also used to to change the time on my wall clock.


Now it doesn’t have to be right 50% of the time.

Wonderers I’ll get back to you on all the other things my back scratcher can do. Alex thinks I’m Inspector Gadget. I’ll have to watch the reruns, I’m not sure if that a compliment or not.

Well I’m off to art camp. 🙂
Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

All Is Well

Happy Day Wonders!

For weeks now I have been in a funk. I’ve been so busy ending the school year, planning summer fun and worrying myself about a crack in my foundation. My daughter has been trying to ease me back to my all is well mentality and yesterday she challenged me on Facebook to sing a worship song. Wow had I been missing so long that she wanted me to sing? In public no doubt. I meet her challenge and when I woke up this morning, I felt the need to catch up on my life in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up too since the PTA bake off. I did my celebration mom end of school party having to bake cupcakes for the entire 6th grade!



The auction went well and the children enjoyed themselves. They asked me to follow them to 7th grade.

I’ve accepted a nomination for Vice President for Catawba River Art Guild and accepted a seat on the neighborhood community board. Had the first meeting at my house last Monday and I baked a pound cake and served ice tea. Now in organizing 4th of July events for the neighborhood and a summer activity calendar for the neighbor kids. Meetings, meetings and more meetings! I hope I haven’t over extended myself.

Yes I have been busy but as my daughter reminded me, all is well! I haven’t drawn or painted anything. The new art class is an open air class and it is just tooooo hot!