Nothing but a good time.

Good day wonders.

Every art class is nothing but a good time and my portrait class is no different. Of course Dr. S. Is leading the group once again and although I missed half of this class, I have learned so much. My first finished portrait of J.

Funny. Whenever I draw myself and ask her who it is, she knows it is me. But I asked her who this was and she doesn’t know. I guess We never look like we think we should, even at 2.


I rode in silence. There was chatter all around me but I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. I was just staring out the window wondering when did I get in this limo. Everyone knows that I usually stay back at the house, they expect it. Now here I sit, silently crying.

The sound of the GPS announcing the directions to my sister’s going home celebration is all I hear, that and the horn blowing at every intersection announcing the urgency of this trip. The route is familiar and I think of all the times she and I waited on these street corners waiting for a bus or simply just to cross the street. I wish that I had stayed in Philadelphia and had been able to spend more time with her. Vacations were all we had these last few years, that and an occasional telephone call or text. She had just caught up we me at Candy Crush. I wish now that I hadn’t passed her. Just let her have another victory.

Someone placed their hand on my shoulder. I wondered if they were feeling what I was feeling. I looked up and realized I was in the rear view mirror. They could see me and they silently consoled we with their eyes. No one said another word. We all rode the remainder of the route in silence. I felt like I was dreaming. It just didn’t feel real until I heard the GPS announce, “You’ve arrived at your destination.”

Be Specific on What You Wish

Good morning Wonders:

Today I have made it to the six week deadline of my recovery. The exact six weeks. For the last 24 hours I have been counting how many times over the last six weeks I wished to go out of the house.

Today I get to go out. I get to take a car ride to North Carolina and I get to take a flight.

I wish I had been more specific of where I wanted to go. I should have wished to go on vacation or go to the mall even. I wish I had wished to just take a walk or go see friends. I wish I hadn’t complained so much about been cooped up.

I wish I was going anywhere else instead of my sister’s funeral.

To my sister:

I hope you are free like the wind and your spirit is being carried by your majestic wings soaring high above the clouds to your new home. You were an angel here on earth and I know he is awaiting your arrival. I love you so much.

Clearing Out the Mind

Goody Wonderers:

I tend to over think these things but I’m wondering if I clean out the office will it come with a clarity of what career I can for with the rest of my life? I know already my main focus is to be mother, guardian, protector of my grandchildren, but what else can I do. I have a college education and work experience. I think I need a job! But what kind of job?

Working from home would be an ideal situation for me because I need/have to manage my stress level to stay healthy. Family life is about all the stress I can handle.  I used to go to work to escape the stress from home and go home to escape the stress from work.  Now there is no happy medium.  I can no longer do both but I feel I want to do something.

Here’s my problem.  I do tend to let people pile things up on me. You remember that’s apart of my personality trait. I start one job and end up with two additional job descriptions. It’s that cause in the work contract, “and any other duty to perform the job to the fullest function”, that gets me in trouble. I never know how to say, “No.” And before I know it I’ve worked myself into a health crisis. It might take me a long time to get there but I get there eventually. And my doctor says, “No.”

So, Here is my job consideration list:
1. Can’t be a 9-5 job.
2. Must be flexible to work when I feel up to it.
3. Prefer to work from home.
4. Can’t be stressful or strenuous.
5. Must pay well.

Anybody know of any jobs that fit that description?

I might just have to change my home classification to Domestic Engineer and put a dollar amount of my duties. I wonder if my husband can pay me and it be a tax write off for one of us. (Must ask that question when I do my taxes.)  Until then,  honey can I get an allowance for cleaning the office?

Mental Note: Don’t touch anything until I get a response.  I let you know how it works out.

Mundy Madness – Culinary Delight

Good Morning Wonderers:


I see you guys with your cups of coffee and I have a great story for you today.


I came in the front door.  D says to me, “Oh, so glad your home.  Come into the kitchen, N has a surprise for you!”

Now as you may know N is learning disabled.  Generally she is not allowed to cook unless someone is home and when I say someone, I mean me.

“Sit down, your in for a treat!”  I sit down and my husband puts a plate in front of me.  “You have to try this” he said with a smile on his face.  It looks pretty good so I ask, “What is it?”

“The Fish Dish!”  Okay I’ll bite. After all she had been working on it all afternoon.  She can only concentrate of one thing at a time and she did it all by herself with no supervision.

I took the first bite and I’m sorry I could not eat it.  I turned my head to spit it out.  My husband started snickering.  This time I asked, “What is in it?”

N starts explaining, ”the recipe called for cornflakes but we didn’t have any.”  “So what did you use”, I asked?  She looks at her dad and then again at me and says “Special K…………………with blueberries!” 

Needless to say we all ate at Popeyes for dinner.

AS always, thanks for perusing and keep wondering.