Mom’s Christmas Gift

Hey Wonders:

Today I feel like a first string draft pick and the first thing I’m going to do is get my mom a house. Except I’m a beginner artist and the first picture I painted to give away belongs to my mommy. This abstract picture is my grandmother’s house. I know my mom misses her especially around the holidays and since we sold grandmom’s house she can no longer visit. I’ll share it with you Wonders, Mom is not a blogger.


Until next time keep wondering and thanks for perusing.

The Christmas Gauge

Good Morning Wonders:

Does it seem to you that Thanksgiving is being bypassed? Darn skippy it is. And I’ll tell you why I’m getting started early this year.

Last year while I was in the house enjoying my family and all theThanksgiving festivities, while my neighborhood was abuzz with Christmas decorating. I know they were in their homes wishing for it to get dark so they could hit the switch and light up the world. Out of no where, suddenly I noticed red lights flashing through the window and thought someone over ate and EMS was called. Or maybe family time got violent and the police was called. Neither was the case. My next door neighbor’s house was aglow with Christmas lights. It looked like the North Pole. Polar bears and all. Across the street looked like a scene from the movie “White Christmas.”. How could I compete with that. They had the corner all scened out. I moved from the boondocks where it was pointless to do a lot of outside decorations because no one besides us saw them. My decoration was modest at best. I’m talking front door action. Now I’m in a community and these people are serious. One street looked like Lowes parking lot with all the big blow up lawn decorations. You didn’t even see the house at night.

Not this year folks, I’m ready. I’m putting up my decorations today!




*Okay, the gauge was set low but I am first. And I didn’t use any tape or nails! *

Wanted: Domestic Engineer

Hello fellow wonderers and welcome new wonders. As usual, thank you for perusing my blog.

I met a young woman today and we got into a conversation about our children. At some point of the conversation I must of asked her what her profession was. I don’t remember asking but that doesn’t say much because I do tend to drift when people talk to me. But somewhere in the conversation, she announced she was a domestic engineer. Is that a new term? I hadn’t heard it before so I asked her what it was. She got offended and said again, “Domestic Engineer!” Call me stupid because I asked her where she worked. Again, but a little condescending, ” I’m a domestic engineer.”

This time it clicked. Oh, stay at home mom, housewife, unemployed. Gotcha!!

I’m socially sensitive so speaking from years of experience over her I had to tell her that being a mom is the most important job in the world. It is the hardest job in the world and I wished I could have just been that for my family. This time around just being a “MOM” is enough.

I gave her my phone number in case she wanted to have lunch sometime or arrange a play date. I wrote in out in her language. I put Denise, CEO. She laughed.

Following instructions

Good Morning Wonderers.

Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree is an expression my mother likes to use often. I realize the possibility is true more than I care to admit.

The fruit:

The other day I told you I was at an audition with Alex for a visual arts program. Before the audition, I spoke to him about NOT drawing cartoon characters for the observation piece. Realism I said, realism. The instructor gave them a statue to draw. They were to create a scene using the statue. He drew a museum display. Paintings on walls, guide ropes around the statue, a fully realistic museum with what? Cartoon people. Not just cartoons. His superhero cartoon characters. The instructor said he had a great imagination. I hope the judges are looking for that!

The tree:

I really planned on doing a portrait on my next installment for art class. I had my model poised. (I took a picture of J sleeping.). I drew out the picture but before I started, I got to thinking I would not be able to see the guide. So what did I use? Permanent marker of course! Funny how after finishing the drawing I remembered Mr. S telling us NOT to use permanent marker. I’ve spent the last five days trying to cover over the lines. This painting went from a realistic approach to something totaling different from what I wanted to do. But my instructor also says there are no accidents in art. So I finished it. I’m proud of it. It’s the level I’m on.

It went from J’s poise



So Mom your saying may hold some truth but as far as following directions goes, I like Mr. S’s statement. Remember that Alex.


Thanks for perusing and have a great day.

You were born with it!

Hello wonders:

I am sitting with Alex awaiting his turn to audition for a place in the ST-arts Program for visual arts. There are about 200 6th to 8th graders here trying to secure one of the 40 slots in fields of drama, visual arts, music, voice, and dance. The program is sponsored through Winthrop University . He could only bring three pieces of art that represents his ability and methods. He entered his self portrait as his observation piece. He also had to have a landscape piece and a still life. If you haven’t seen his portrait ……


He is a little nervous because he has to be personally interviewed also. I asked him a few question about his drawings and his methods. When I asked him did he think he was a good artist he simply replied, “I was born with it!”

We must be doing something right. This kid knows what direction he wants to go and works hard at it. He wants to be a cartoonist and also develop video games.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do at 11. Instead of being a municipal court judge, I could have been a Supreme Court Justice. I suppose I wasn’t born with it.

Can’t sleep

Hello wonders:

It used to be when I couldn’t sleep, I did housework, laundry, move the furniture around, decorate, redecorate, cook, go grocery shopping, just catch up on domestication. Now all I want to do is practice drawing. I remember when first started quilting she would be up quilting all day and night. Quilting consumed her and she has a passion. Now here I am being consumed with drawing. It’s wonderful! I feel like I’m in love. All I want to do is be with my HB to 6B pencils. I’m anxious to use my colored pencils and chalks. I don’t even get upset when I get charcoal on my sheets anymore. I have a new passion. Only thing is….. Who’s doing the housework? One thing I know for sure, there are no magic elves coming here to do any.

Crafty Update

Hey Wonderers!

I thought you would like to see what I’ve been up to and update you on my art classes. While I was down we got a new computer that I don’t know how to work. Luckily for me, my husband did get some Geek Squad package from Best Buy, my new best friends. (Guys your on my Christmas cookie list. :-). I promise!). I’ll have to tell you guys about what I learned another day but since I’m posting over my iPhone I’ll save that lesson for my first computer post.

My figurative drawing class is challenging but so far so good. Here are some samples

trying not to do the muppet face

Working on action drawing. I’m need to look at some other men. If I’m not trying to draw my husband, my man looks female.

Trying to draw my granddaughter.

This woman is in my head. I think it’s my aunt. I may be channeling into her artistic nature.

Crafts for the Christmas auction made from Dollar Tree wine glasses.


Candle holders. Only 20 more original designs to go! How’s that for a $1.00 gift? Candle sold separately.

Reindeer Games


Good Evening Wonderers:

Okay I will admit it. My childlike quality is still alive and when I saw it I had to have it. It’s a Reindeer Kitchen Brush. Oh boy! I almost can’t wait to wash dishes! And look honey it doesn’t make any noise.

Mundy Madness – I feel cheated!

Hello Wonderers!

First let me apologize for leaving you in a lurch the past two weeks. I didn’t realize that my post two weeks ago didn’t post and last Monday I was under the knife so again no post. Which last week there is no telling what I might have told you. I seem to be in trouble from some of the things I said last week. What a waste of good drugs. People take things so seriously. I was in a drug induced high people, forgive me please.

Well speaking of seriously, I seriously think I have been robbed. I probably have no real claim to this, but Elf on a Shelf is my creation. I think somebody owes me a lot of money. This is my case.

Back in the 70’s the Christmas store windows would come alive in mechanical animation that my parents would take us to see at Sears and Roebucks. How I loved to go on that family outing. The scene in the window would come alive with lights and music and in the end you would see Santa.

My husband, back then boyfriend, worked in retail and in 1987 his store was throwing out the mechanical Christmas display and he brought home two elves as a surprise for me. Our son was born the following May and that first Christmas was the birth of the Mundy Magic of Christmas.

Every Christmas season my children would decorate the tree. All the ornaments and lights would be on the bottom of the tree, only as far as their little arms could reach. I would put these elves on the fireplace and tell my children stories about them. If they were good children the magic of Christmas would come. The elves were there to report back to Santa their conduct. Over the years the story elaborated further. The elves move around when everyone was sleep, they freeze in motion when the lights turn on, …etc. It got to be so serious my son would turn the elves around to face the wall when he was doing something bad. On Christmas Eve after they went to bed, I would dismantle the tree, put lights on it and fully decorate it while my family put together toys. I would then place those elves in a position that they got caught when the lights came on and Santa had to dash without them. Isn’t that my story, sort of? Seriously!!!!

I’ve been doing this for 25 years and looking at another 20 at least because none of my children have picked up the tradition. I have to keep it going for my grandchildren. I guess it’s possible that some body out there has an imagination like me. I guess I need to thank the creator and stop hating on that Target commercial that makes me scream when they mention it. I guess with a new generation of children all these other elves only bring credibility to my story.

I still think…… My elves are still cuter!






Good evening fellow wonders:

As you guys know, I have been taking art lessons. The drawing classes are coming along nicely but the painting, it’s gonna take some time. Last week the drawing class kinda laughed at my painting. Oh they were very supportive but I could hear the snickering in their voice. So much so I remarked, “This is the beginner’s class!” I am the only beginner and I haven’t found my technique yet. I felt like a kid like when my daughter would say after any mistake, “but I’m only six.”

My instructor wanted the class to tell a story in their painting. I told you guys about my husband walking on water so I thought I would put him in the water to tell a story. When my husband proposed he said to me, “We will have stormy times but if you take my hand we will weather them all. If you marry me you will never be hot, you will never be cold”. Well, that’s what he said and I thought I captured it.

My instructor read: We better have fun before the storm comes. I just said, “Close! It’s only my second painting!”