Mundy Madness – The Big Swim

Good evening fellow wonderers:

My plate was so full today and I almost forgot it was Monday. Sitting here for the last errand for the day, I’m going to post about our family learning to swim.

Every Monday and Wednesday my grands are taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. I decided it was necessary at this time because I want to take them on The Disney Cruise next spring and being I am the only swimmer in the family I started worrying who would save everyone else. Girls scouts taught me to anticipate any disaster and prepare for it, hence swimming lessons in October.

The lesson is 45 minutes. So far this is how it has gone.

Mommy: Jada get in the pool.

Jada: I got ta potty!

That’s a 15 minute trip and happens about every 15 minutes.

Alex banged his head on the wall last week and was out of swim lessons last week. Today he’s complaining about the water turning his eyes red and might cause him to have an asthma attack. But he is in the pool so I just sit here and wait. The pool area is so warm it reminds me of being on Paradise Islands, Jamaica.

My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. We are on the most beautiful pink sands with clear ocean water when my husband confesses he doesn’t know how to swim but insists I enjoy the water. I do. I swim out far past the break of the waves. I’m wading in the water when I turn back to the shore and could see my husband waving his arms frantically, jumping up and down. I start to swim towards him. He is shouting but I can’t make out what he is saying. I start swimming again and I look up and he is in the water, like Jesus Christ walking on top of it. I swear I have never seen anything like it. He was moving so fast all I could do was stand there. When he got to me, he grabbed the back of my swimsuit and dragged me back to shore and did not stop until we were out if the water.

“Didn’t you see the shark?”, he shouted. As I’m adjusting the wedge he is yelling, “How was I to go back home and tell your mother something happened to you?” Needless to say I did not go back in the water for the rest of the honeymoon because when he heard the lifeguard yelling for these two boys with a plastic shark fin strapped onto one of them, he got upset. I saw them during my swim out but I didn’t know what my hero was yelling about when I saw him. I just kept that to myself and lavished my newly found hero husband with all the love I could muster. This guy must really love me to walk on water!

As far as my grandchildren go, Jada is in the pool screaming and Alex is fighting the noodle. It’s a good thing we are not going until next April. It’s going to take a lot more lessons.

Have a great evening and thanks for perusing.

Got Craft Suggestions?

Good morning crafty wonders:

As you may remember, I am Celebration Mom for 120 six graders. Im really excited to do this job and even though I have three grown children, I never had the chance to orchestrate anything but be snack mom at school. So I’ve got to go big or stay home! You might be wondering why I’m starting so early? Once again I will be on crutches for the holidays so since I’ll have a lot of down time I might as well use it wisely.

Now here is what I’m thinking? A winter dance? I will need decorations of course. I am also thinking ice cream social. Winter equals cold plus ice cream. Theme?

Now for the craft, that’s where you guys come in. At every function there is to be some things the kids can purchase with their gator bucks. I’m thinking but I haven’t come up with anything yet and I need to get all my supplies before November 1st.

Crafters, what ya got?

Learning to draw

Well Hello fellow wonders:

Thanks for perusing today. I bet you’ve been wondering how my art class is going. Well I’ll say great! I am loving the time I am in class. Whether I good or not is not the point, after all it’s only my first class and today was the last day. This is what I’ve learned so far:

– the different types of pencils and what they can do.

– the difference the kinds of paper you use matters.

– tissues are an asset in more ways than one.

– perspective and how to create a vanishing point.

– there are no mistakes. Use them to your advantage. The eraser is your best friend.

– pay more attention to the technical language so you can tell people what you learned. (This is key!)

I learned how to mat, frame and gallery wrap my finished project. Here is my first piece.


Mundy Madness – Reading is Optional

I was shopping at the local Walmart one day heading south down the cereal isle when out of no where a small voice from the shopping carts shouts, ” That’s what you need Mom-Mom!” I started looking around trying to figure out what the child was talking about when he suddenly blurts out, “Two shakes and a sensible diet!” OMG! Low on the bottom shelf was Slim Fast shakes. He couldn’t read but he linked me up with the box he saw on tv and who knows how long he’s had the notion that it was something I needed. I guess the hand writing is in this isle. Out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom and all that crap. My baby thinks I’m FATTTTTT!

What else could I do, I put the shakes in the cart. All the other moms out there were watching for my reaction. I thanked him for his concern and put the shakes in the cart and turned west towards another isle. As I was walking away I noted to self. PBS channels don’t show commercials!

It Says Dishwasher

Good evening fellow wonderers:

Some forty something odd years ago I said to my mother, “It says dishwasher.” She was the proud owner of “The Carousel”. It was a countertop dishwasher that connected to the kitchen faucet. She lived to show it off to out of town guest and the women of her circle. My mother was the sole owner in our five block radius. But by the time you had to scrap the dishes, wash and rinse the dishes just to put them in “The Carousel” the dishes could have been done. I mean washed, dried and put away. But when you got it loaded and put the top on and turned on the hot water, you thought you had something special. You could hear the water going around and around with hot steam billowing around it. I bet my mother felt like the queen of the neighborhood. I felt like it was a waste of time and hot water because if you didn’t get your bath before it started, you had to wait for the hot water to build up.

Now, as I watch my husband scraping and rinsing the dishes with soapy water just to load them in the dishwasher I just want to yell, “That stainless steel contraption under the counter says – DISHWASHER!”

Onward and Upward

Hey wonderers;

In case you have been wondering how my art class is going, I’m moving onward and upward. I am taking a figurative drawing class and an acrylic painting class after my beginner class ends.

All of my classmates are very talented and encouraging. They are all fine artists. When we have our framed art show I’ll take pictures of theirs to show. Todate, all I can say about my art. I’m an impressionist wanting to be a fine artist but I’m having fun!

Take a look at my entry!


Mundy Madness – Potty Training, Potty Mouth

Good morning fellow wonderers. I hope you had a great weekend. First let me put out my disclaimer — some of the language in this story may be offensive but I have to tell it as it happened.

Potty training was easy for my girls. Of course it was, I’m a girl too. Potty training for my son was easier. I had him potty trained at 18 months, but being me, I tend to over think things and started wondering if I missed something or taught him something that would affect how other boys viewed him in the art of pottying. Things like do you wipe like girls. I didn’t know I’d never watched a guy potty before. What really started to concern me was he kept his hands in his pants all the time. He had fallen in awe with “the thing.” So I thought to keep his hands out, I’d put him in overalls. Something I could get him out of quickly but something that he couldn’t get into as quick. That was a temporary fix. So I went for the big guns. I asked my husband to go over potty training with him. You know, teach him how to use the fly and other manly things. With no direction, I sent the boy into the bathroom with his father.

My husband looked perplexed, the boy had been going to the bathroom for a couple of weeks. What else is there to learn? As I was walking away from the bathroom I heard my husband say, “Ok Son, grab your dick!” Like chalk scraping on a blackboard I cringed and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I couldn’t go back in the bathroom, after all I did ask him to help me. Later that evening I asked my husband if he could of used any other word something like “buddy”, something user friendly. He gave me the look, the why did you ask me if all you were going to do was critique me look. So I let it go.

A couple of weeks passed and the boy and I were at Belks Department Store. I was shopping and he was just stand there with his hands down his overalls when the salesgirl asked him, ” Hey little guy! What you got there?” When he proudly answered, “My Dick!” With red face in hand, she ran off.

The moral of the story might differ for you but for me, after that day, I always gave dialogue whenever I asked someone to teach my children anything. After all if I was going to be embarrassed it should be my own.

Have a nice day and thanks for perusing.

September Was a Blast

Good morning fellow wonderers:

First let me say, Thank you for all your well wishes! I had a great birthday and a very nice anniversary. My husband and I went to Charlotte, NC and stayed at the historical Dunhill Hotel. What I love about The Dunhill, there are no kitchens or any kitchen accessories in the suites. For me, if I have to cook, it’s just not a vacation! This is my stayation location. I love that it is in the heart of the city. We park the car and walk around like we used to do when we were young living in Philadelphia.
I’ve stayed in the Penthouse before but I must say the lower levels are just as nice and the amenities are excellent.

While in Charlotte I had the pleasure of sampling The Mimosa Grill on 327 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC and The Delta on 525 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC. Both restaurants have valet parking while Mimosa offers a farm to fork southern cuisine and sophisticated atmosphere; The Delta offers a live jazz band that took me back to New Orleans with their style of southern fare. We went to A Poetry Slam at the Blumenthal and What the Truck! Food Feastival. I even got in an art show. I did not get a chance to go to the Southern Women’s Show but I have to leave something for me to wish on for next year.

I did get the Starbucks You Are Here cup!


I had a blast