Mundy Madness – A Lesson in Liability

Well hello wonderers:

Today I’m going to take you through the Mundy’s House Dictionary. Turn your page to the word liability and I will define it to you Mundy style.

Oldest daughter Kerrie wanted to borrow the car to go to Myrtle Beach for spring break with her girlfriends. She was 17 at the time and my only logical response was “No, the liability is too great.”

“What does that mean Mom?” She responded. Only she kept saying it over and over again. What does that mean, what does that mean? No matter how I explained it to her she said what does liability mean? Finally I broke it down to her:

A lie – as in what your gonna tell me when something happens.

A bill – as in what they’re gonna send me.

A T – as in tough titty. It ain’t gonna happen.


That’s my story for this week. Thanks for perusing.

Mundy Madness – Where it all began.

Good morning fellow wonderers:

Since this is my 25th wedding anniversary, I thought I would take you back to where all the madness began. How I met my husband.

I used to be a legal assistant for Hyatt Legal Services back in the 1980’s. Our office had a state of the art conference room that the regional department felt they must have and moved their staff into our office space. That’s when this gorgeous guy walked into the building. He had a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh that I heard around the building but I hadn’t had the opportunity to speak with him. The first day I met him was at the introductory staff meeting. Everyone was in the conference room and he began calling out names requesting people to stand. I remember thinking these people were going to get some kind so recognition and was waiting to hear my name when he said, “You all can leave the room, your fired. Everyone else remain seated, the meeting is about to begin.”. So cold. The dismissed people didn’t even have time to react. So calculated. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye, by the time the meeting was over, they were gone. He looked so at ease with this moment. I really did not talk to him again for a couple of weeks.

Our next encounter was when the office manager called me sexist because I usually organized a welcome luncheon for new staff but had not had one for this guy. Well I didn’t consider regional employees one of “our” staff but I took him out to lunch anyway. No one else was available to go so just him and I went and it was a good time. He was very charismatic and told me a lot about himself and we had a lot in common. By the time lunch was over, I decided I liked him, he was alright.

We worked together for a couple weeks more. I had been promoted to office supervisor and he was regional supervisor and our jobs sort of intertwined. The two office staffs had become one and we were all in the front office joking around when the regional director came in. He didn’t know anyone so he asked the guy to make coffee. This proud, above all employees (girls) in the room personality was offended but he did not say a word when he went to the break room. A few moments later he came back with coffee for everyone. That coffee was so thick, when you stirred in the condiments, the spoon just floated with the stir after you released it. He walked over to me and said, “He’ll never ask me to make coffee again”. I knew at that moment I could fall in love with this guy.

Twenty five years later, he only still makes coffee for me!

That’s my story for this week. Thanks for perusing and keep wondering.

It is written, it is so

The numerology chart at has this to say for my address. I thought to check it out to see if my decorating is complimentary to the house’s personality. This is some serious stuff (lol) and it might also have the answers to some questions I have about the direction some of theses rooms are going. 🙂

This address inspires creativity, optimism, flexibility, and openness. An excellent address for artists and unconventional people. Equally well suited for singles or families. Older people tend to feel comfortable in this environment, while younger people are inspired to do something unique and creative. Probably the most up-beat of all addresses. A good location for an art studio but not so good for a home-office. Lacking focus and direction, this address is not ideal for ambitious workaholics. Also not a good address for serious or overly religious people.

Strengthen the positive influence of this address with: Bright colors, art work, perhaps even a mural or two. The interior design should be unconventional and loosely arranged furniture. Mix modern and antiques and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

That explains my office. And why I should turn it into an art studio.

There’s hope for me still!


Good Magnets are Hard to Find

Dear Wonderers:

I am back at my munificent board to make magnets of course. They were not as easy to find as I thought. The magnetic surface has to be smooth and the magnet has to be light to stick. So I decided to make some. I went to Walmart and got some supplies

Magnetic sheets and sticky foam alphabet. Glitter ones because I’m girlie. But they have other boring ones too. The beauty of it all is both products have a sticky side. You just peele off the paper and stick the sticky sides together. Then just cut and trim the excess and you get MAGNETS!


Oh joy! I’m going do the whole bag the next rainy day I have nothing to do so Lil J and I can make words.

Until next time, thanks for perusing and keep wondering!

Starbucks – You are here cups

Good morning fellow wonderers:

I just want to know one thing Starbucks. I am here but where are the cups?

K wants a Charlotte cup and asked me if I could get her one. I went to all the stores in my area, no one has them in stock. I even went to the Starbucks at the NC/SC border. They didn’t have any but I must say, they had plenty free samples of their pastries. That made it worth the trip.

Sorry baby, I am trying to find you one. I will be at The Dunhill this weekend and all around downtown Charlotte. If I don’t find one, I will go to the airport before I leave the city. How about a Philadelphia cup? I’ve got connections there. I could send a lot of people on a frenzy.

Hey Starbucks, if you are here reading my blog, could you send me a cup?

Until next time……

Satin stitch

Fellow wonderers:

I followed my comrade at prettylittlethingsinabox into a September challenge at to satin stitch a monogram.

Being this is my first attempt at embroidery I watched the instructional video and was convinced I could do it. I finished it and went to post my results. After seeing the other examples, I need to go back and reevaluate my entry. It is looking pretty pitiful. It’s a good thing it is only the middle of the month. I still have time to beef it up or start over. But this is what I got.


Still learning new things and having fun. Until next time, keep wondering.

Progress Complete -chalkboard status

Good Afternoon Fellow Wonderers:

For now, I have completed the mud room space. My magnetic chalkboard is working magic on my imagination and so far Lil J is loving the space. I look around this room and see so many more possibilities. By Christmas it will probably be a arts and craft station as well as educational. You see the rack in the middle of the shelving. I think if I get more racks, I could put all my rapping paper and ribbons on racks. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Poor hubby will have quite a few honey-do list coming soon.

My board, I am loving it. It’s so large and can be used in so many ways I feel it needs a name. I’m going to call it “Munificent Board!”

So with much appreciation for everyones help on my project:


And I already have my first homework assignment ready to hang on it.


Thanks for perusing and until next time, keep wondering.

Friends Request

Good morning fellow wonderers:

A few friends, old co-workers and acquaintances have asked me to tell some of my stories. They say it is what they miss most about me retiring. They don’t get to hear my sense of humor and they really miss my upbeat personality. (Yes, and I’m modest too!). So since they’ve asked for it, who am I to deprive them of my adventures.

So, starting Monday I will post, “Mundy Madness”. Get it, Monday, Mundy. I can’t believe I just wrote that considering I hated when people would say my last name and then say things like, “It’s Mundy on a Tuesday.


So thanks for perusing and until Monday, keep wondering.


Good afternoon fellow wonderers:

My mom used to say, “keep it to yourself”.

I often wonder why the things we tell others flow so freely and other information we lock away indefinitely. I’m not one to keep secrets but I hid one from y’all recently. As you know I have been trying to break into the art world. I wanted to start by taking classes but every time I register for a class for some unforeseen reason the class is cancelled. I would be so excited I’d tell anybody who would listen that I was starting an art class only to be disappointed and then have to explain why I didn’t go. I seriously had the thought my classes were being cancelled because I told the secret. I really seriously thought I had broken some code of silence in the art world and some secret society had black listed my admission. So this time I didn’t blab it all over town. And today, yes this morning, the art gods gave me admission to their world. Dr. Bradley Sabelli’s Learn to Draw in 5 Easy Steps class actually started.


My instructor is not only an acclaimed artist in is own right, he is a member of the Catawba River Art Guild in which he invited me to join. Finally I am in the loop. But don’t tell anybody else my friend. I don’t want to jinx it.
I will definitely need more than 5 steps.

Feeling artsy!

Until next time, keep wondering.

Chalkboard progress report

Okay wonderers, there’s no turning back now! First coat of chalk paint is on the wall. I have to wait 24 hours for the next coat.

Here’s what I learned today.

You really should wear plastic gloves when your painting. It makes cleaning your hands up so much easier.

Concentrated 2x Dawn dish liquid is the new all purpose cleaner. Adding vinegar only increases the power.

Dream big, live bigger! I decided to go full scale on my board. I kept thinking I wasn’t going to need all the space I had taped out but hey, what’s a few inches between need and want. 🙂

This is what I got.