Closing 30 day challenge

Well my 30 day challenge is up tomorrow. I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my before and after shots. I think I look firmer. I definitely feel stronger. I know I can do all the exercise from week 1. I’ve gotten used to the green shake flavor. Green shake is spinach with any other fruit/veggie medley. My favorite is spinach, banana, celery and blueberries. I’ve drank one combination every day for the last 29 days and I think I will continue on with that one.

After tomorrow I will write all about the whole experience. I just wanted to get the picture out of the way because the sponsor wanted to see our results.


I don’t know where time goes but its going fast. I spent the last few weeks playing cab driver to camp.

Reading camp ~ money well spent! Alex started reading 144 words a minute now he’s reading 405 words a minute.

Art camp ~ money well spent!
Alex’s self portrait.

He was ten last week when he drew this portrait.

Basketball camp ~ two out of three ain’t bad. What can I say, the boy is not athletic. But we went in knowing that. Even though he says he didn’t like it, overall I think he had fun. For me it’s all about exposure. Atlas, when somebody says basketball he can always recount his experience at camp.

Gymnastic camp ~ the winner!
J loves it!

I don’t know where times goes but I know money travels with it!

My apology and 22 days in(30 day challenge

First, let me apologize for leaving the scene without an explanation. I’m a young blogger without all the social grace needed. It was very rude and I apologize. I did read everyone’s blogs and even commented on a few. I just did not have time to blog on About The Yarrow House although I did wonder what you guys were up to. It will never happen again. I promise. Apology accepted?

Now 22 days in. I’ve learned a lot of F words. I feel fitter. I can do fifteen push-ups but my arms feel frailer. I’ve eaten some fantastic foods and had some family fun Atleast until they quit on me in week three because of fatigue. I seen thousands of fotos of other people progress (flaunting) their progress. Haha I’m so proud of them. But mostly I’m still FAT. I still have 7 days to go. I’ve lost four pounds only six more to go to meet my realistic goal.

Into Every Life A Cake Must Fall

When I was younger I didn’t care much about making pound cake. It seemed boring to me. Chocolate and cakes like pineapple upside down cake was more interesting to make. But when I heard I was to be a Grandmom, the first thought other than baby was I have to learn how to make pound cake.

It took me years to perfect a recipe. You can make it dry, too much lemon and various other mistakes that my kids thought were interesting but tasty. But that Grandmom made this cake taste was on the horizon so I kept trying for my grandchildren’s sake. By the time my grandson was five, I had mastered and even more importantly memorized my famous “Mom Mom Sour Cream Poundcake”. At least that’s what Alex calls it. And every year for his birthday I make his cake. Except this year I had a mishap.

Everything was going well. I had cleared the house, the oven was cool. I slide the cake pan in the oven, set the timer and closed the door. I only needed the house quiet for one hour and I sat down to take a nap. The nap is required, after all I am a Grandmom. Forty-five minutes in, the door bell rang. Its a vacuum cleaner demonstrator. My husband loves new gadgets and let him in. And That’s another blog for another day.

This guy comes in the house inhaling deep and commenting on how good it smells in the house. My husband explains I’m making a birthday cake and the guy just keeps talking about how good it smells and sure wish he was going to be here when it’s cut.. I was in the kitchen but I kept hearing him say it over and over again. Finally the timer goes off. I carefully side the cake out of the oven. It was beautiful, even if I say so myself. I loosened the cake from the pan and went to flip it unto the cake stand when the unthinkable happened. I dropped the cake! It was so freaky. I can’t even explain how it ended up on the kitchen counter in three chunks except that the vacuum cleaner man willed it out of hand. After all he left with a big chunk of warm cake.

It wasn’t a complete total loss we had strawberry short cake for dessert and my daughter was given the task to make the cake for his party. Oh well, into every life a little cake must fall.
Until next time, keep wondering!


The Stars Were Almost Aligned.

I don’t know how it happened or why for that reason, but today was the true testament that my scales are unbalanced.

I’ve been waiting since June 6 for a package from Bulgaria. I love to travel and collect art and since traveling is out for a while, my daughter suggested I visit the etsy stores. To my amazement, I fell in love with a canvas painting from shop owner angel Angelov, Bulgaria, Europe.


I was afraid to order it but I stepped out on faith and purchased this unstretched canvas for hardly any money as far as paintings go. The shop owner expedited the delivery and it came professionally packaged all the way from Bulgaria in 13 days. Oh joy was I excited!


Then, guess what, Michaels had a coupon in the Sunday paper for 60 % off + $10.00 off. Double oh joy!! I’m at the store but can’t make up my mine on a frame, so I decided to take a picture and go home and sit in my room and then finalize my decision. After all my coupon is good until 7/17/13.


I don’t know how it happened or why but somewhere between leaving the frame counter and home, I lost the canvas!!!!! All I could say was WTF! How could shopping in a craft store with my daughter and granddaughter be so distracting that I put down my newly found treasure. Or did someone take it out of my car at Target where we stopped to change the babygirl’s diaper? I wonder, did I lock the car doors?

I must of looked devastated because when I got home my husband asked what was wrong and he never notices anything! I should have took a picture of my face for future references in case I have to fake devastation. I did almost cry though before I reminded myself that it is only a picture, Denise. It just wasn’t meant to be but the stars were almost aligned in my favor.

There’s still a chance it might turn up though, the cylinder the canvas came in has my address on it, Target is looking at their surveillance tapes and Michaels is doing a double sweep of the store. If not, I believe in Karma, justice and God. Either way I’m covered.

7 days in (30 day challenge)


Grocery shopping done for week 2 of the challenge. Thank you Girlonthecontrary for challenging me to join. I’m wondering are you having fun yet? Still haven’t weigh myself yet but time is moving hopefully so is the fat.

Trash to treasure #2

On with project #2 The Reading Table.

I have this slated to go in my bedroom also, so I have to do it up real nice to get that accomplished or it will end up in the downstairs bathroom. I love the book pockets on the sides of the table. I think it would be perfect nestled between two chairs with a lamp in a cozy corner somewhere. Hmmmm I wonder what kind of finish would be best, any suggestions?


Trash to Treasure

I love junking. When I was a kid my dad would go to other neighborhoods and bring back the best stuff. He would repair them, clean them and claim it as his own. Well I guess I have inherited the gene also. My dad calls it trash digging, I call it treasure hunting.

Whatever you call it, my husband has put up the caution tape, literally. I came into the garage and there was yellow caution tape surrounding all my fines. I have a vanity, two papasan chairs and what I like to call, a reading table. The caution tapes means ~ Caution, get this stuff out of here or it’s going to the dumpster! He likes to give me hints without really saying it verbally.

So I started on the vanity. Which costs me $15.00 at the local Goodwill. Originally I thought it would look nice in my bedroom, but the roommate (hubby) said no. So I sanded down the top because it had cup rings on it and I was only going to restain the wood. Sometime during my trip to Home Depot, my mind drifted to off white acrylic paint. So I decided to chalk paint the vanity for my granddaughter. Chalk paint is latex paint with Plaster of Paris mixed.

J is only two so I am wondering if she’ll be a diva and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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Day 4 (30 day commitment)

Oh joy! I’m gonna change my challenge title to “The Better Eating” challenge because I’ve been eating some good food the last couple of days.

I told you day 1 I was hungry but I’ve overcome that obstacle. If I actually lose weight I’m gonna be surprised. I’ve decided not to weigh myself until the 30th day.

I’ve been following an emeals clean eating tutorial. It gives you the grocery list, recipe and time frames to prepare the meals. I actually bought it as a groupon back in January and I am just getting into it.

Here are two dinners I made this week.

Crab cakes with lemon sauce
>br />
And …
Chicken, Corn and Avocado Salad


I just might get an added benefit out of this challenge. I might become a gourmet chef! Just wondering.