Recapping this week

I love James Franco. So I went to see Oz, The Great and Powerful, Why James, why! I’m not sure I liked the movie. I really would like my dollar back. As my father-in-law is fond of saying, “I don’t know what it was about but it was deep!”

I joined Betty Rockers Fat loss challenge. Those of you that know me, I know that your laughing. It’s only for 30 days and I’ve already gotten all my vices out of the way. I had breakfast at McDonald’s one day this week, lunch twice; been to Dunkin Donuts, Sweet Frogs and had a 50 cent ice cream cone at Burger King. I plan on going to the pancake house with Alex tomorrow. Sunday I’ll rest, the challenge starts Monday. Care to join me?

The highlight, drumroll please, I met some really nice folks blogging.

Why I don’t have a pet

The question was raised. Alex came to me this morning wondering, Aw Mom Mom, why can’t we get a dog?” The only response I could come up was because of Vinnie.

Vinnie was a cat my son and daughter-in-law forced on me a few years back. A full tuxedo cat, beautiful. I didn’t want a cat but I fell in love.

First let me say I live in a small town one that only has one vet. A vet that I could never go back because of PDST (post dramatic stress thinking).

See I had Vinnie microchipped when I first got him. When we were at the vet’s office for that first visit I racked up a bill over $300 for all the things They suggested he should get. The chip was one of them. About a year later Vinnie was gone.

While I was on vacation the person I left him in care let him out. I don’t think I’ll ever get the full story on that one. Just working out the therapy!

Anyway, I worried myself to death about that cat. For about two weeks I checked the shelters, visited with all the neighbors within a mile radius, did posters and cried, cried, cried. Until one night while dreaming about Vinnie I remembered I had him microchipped. I shot straight up in bed and got so excited. I couldn’t wait to call the vet in the morning.

When I did I explained the situation and reminded them he was chipped. The girl on the other end of the line asked me my name and told me to hold on. I’m thinking their looking up my baby but no, she gets back on the line saying something like this, “Let me see, you think I can see Vinnie like on GPS trekking down Cherry Road?” Of course I said I did. The phone went silent then I realized I was on speaker phone because I could hear them all snickering. I was so distraught I was not even upset that I had made a full fool of myself. First by getting the shot without understanding what it meant. I mean he was a beautiful cat. If anybody found him they would keep him.

I wondered about him for months until I saw him at my next door back field neighbor’s house. I hope she knows I’m canceling her reward (from me) in heaven.

Sorry Alex, I’m still not over it!!!


Room With a View

I’ve never been an outdoors person. I’ve never even like the word picnic unless it was from hearing Yogi Bear pronouncing picinic basket. My idea of ruffing it is continental breakfast at a 5 star hotel. So I’m wondering what made my husband think I wanted a patio built in the back of my new home. I never went out on the deck of my old house or the porch of our first home. What could have possibly been the clue?

Could it have been my love to take naps in the sunshine of a window? Or maybe sending my grandchildren outside to play? Maybe it was my disdain of being in the grass at anytime or not being able to see bugs or anything else lurking in it. Maybe.

Now, even though it may sound like it, I am not complaining. How else could I have come up with such a gorgeous view without him building this patio. So as I lay on the couch about to take my sunshine nap I just started wondering. How did I get to be so lucky? For Mother’s Day my sensitive husband built himself a patio but gave me a room with a view! It’s all in how you look at things I guess.

Thanks honey, love you too.. Just wondering.


Share The Love Giveaway Thank You Response

If you’ve come my way via Prettyladybaby’s blog, “Thank you for viewing and good luck!”

Now on to the blog!

You might be wondering why I started blogging? I actually started awhile ago by force I might add by my daughter Kerrie. She is my strong willed child and always has been. She is a great kid but if she gets something in her mind, there’s no turning back. I know you might know she has it in her head that I am going to learn how to quilt but I’ve been learning to sew for the last 45 years on and off and have managed not to get it yet. Now that it is her mission, the 46th year my get the prize. You can look forward to me blogging about the journey!

Now since she is so set on my blogging, let me tell you 5 fun facts about my baby. You know moms love bragging ( and taking credit) about the good things their children do.

1. She’s generous to a fault (and modest too)! I had to buy about 15 hat, scarves and glove sets at the beginning of a new school year because she would give hers away to anybody she thought was in need. Still doing that I see! Hint-giveaway.

2. She thinks everybody is a friend. When she was a kid, she’s the only person I know that could walk on a playground to a bunch of new kids and by the time she left everybody would be her friend. That’s the dormant gene I passed on!

3. She loves to talk!!!!!! I used to ask her to be quiet for 5 minutes. She could only hold it for 30 seconds before she would ask, “Mom, guess what?”

4. She always excited about being excited. That’s the basis of her strong will. It didn’t go well at school though. My coworkers used to place bets on how soon the school would call during the first week of school. Usually the first day!

5. She told me the day after her birth that she was going to do something great with her hands someday. Who would have known it would be quilting?

Thanks Kare I will do my best to make you proud of me too!

Love, Mom


Games with Friends, Right!

I’ve never been into video games. Not in the 80’s, PAC man was boring; 90’s Nintendo games were to fast for me. I could only make the characters moonwalk and advance at the same time. The 2000’s let’s just say I was handicapped at best. My most skilled move was tripping over the cords and sabotage the game completely. But 2013 I have become a gamer!

My transformation start with scrabble. I was having fun. Then it went to words with friends where I discovered something I didn’t know about games with adults. They still don’t like to lose! I mean people would stall and make me wait for days to play again. They forfeit because they know they can’t win. I always play to the end (hey Will Smith I heard a rap forming). But my personal favorite – hubby is mad because I’m playing with someone else. So much for games with friends. I was forced to find a game I can play by myself. The answer – Candy Crush Saga!

OMG it was on from the first game. I didn’t have to wait for nobody to play. The puzzles are fun and not too time consuming and the music is mesmerizing. Atleast until it became time consuming. I couldn’t stop playing. My husband would enter a room and give me that look and I would reply, “it’s all I got -five minutes of happiness”. Now at level 180 sometimes even when I’m not playing I hear that music. Sometimes it’s calling me, other times its laughing at me. I know I’m not alone everywhere I go people are playing talking about how addictive it is. I may have to come out of retirement and form a support group.

What’s even more concerning to me is since I’ve been neglecting the hubby he’s now playing Gems with Friends with other people! This is a person that doesn’t do any kind of social networking. No emails, facebook-ing, nothing and now he’s cheating on me with friends! Whahhhhhhh!!!

Until next time, keeping wondering.

Always Blue Skies

On vacation with my big brother he tries to take a jab at me by saying (in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with this random thought), “You live your life like everything is perfect”. WTF does that mean? And if that’s the worst he could say about me why did it sound so offensive?

True I do always find the humor in my situations. True I do seem to think money grows on trees. True I do know that tomorrow is another day. Never go to bed angry, karma is a power tool, justice will prevail and so on and so on and so on!

When I get home what’s the first thing I see, a picture I had purchased a week earlier thinking it sums me up pretty well. I really remember thinking how I liked the ideal of the sentiment. So he says he knows me.


Be good to your children

I think the biggest failure of our lives as parents is if your children do not want to have anything to do with you when they are grown. Really, what possibly could have happened? Children are so open to forgiveness. As I grow older I see it more and more especially with fathers and the mother category is catching up fast.

Be good to your children. I’m not a perfect parent but I have learned that children should be seen and heard, they do have feelings and your never to big or old to apologize.

Remember we’ll all be old someday and that goes out to you too – children!