Got a coupon for that?

When I retired the first thing I thought about was what I was going to do with less money. Now I admit I dabbled with coupons before but now it is my full time job. I remember thinking when I would see the women with their photo albums at the grocery stores, “Is it really that serious!” Well guess what, it is!

I mean, I understand how it can become compulsive. The first time I got money back and to hear the teller say how much you bought versus how much your paying is tremendous. I love coming home to tell my husband how much money I saved.

One of the best things about it is trying things you would have never bought before, just because you have a coupon that you are going to get it for free or for cheap. I know, I’m gonna have to blog about the new things I’ve tried also. But back to couponing.

I’m still trying to master where to get the best coupons and what I like about the network of women and men out there, they love to share their secrets. You couldn’t believe how many people have come up to me with their knowledge and ideals while I’m shopping in the market. And every store has their own policy and I am learning as I go.

I can’t wait to figure out how to use the link feature so I can share some of my sites, but until then…keep wondering.

Priority #1

Okay, how about this. For the last 25 years I’ve had become relatively sedative. Trying to lay low, stay calm, not over exert myself because my body doesn’t respond well under extreme pressure. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure drops and I pass out. However I have lived with it so well that I basically was doing whatever I pleased within my set limits and I hadn’t had any episodes since 2004. So I thought I had it beat. Other than diabetes, I’m pretty healthy because I work hard to stay in control.

March 2012, i started having difficulty with the diabetes and I required an emergency surgery. I discovered I also have a hernia that they didn’t want to touch at the time. Recovery from the surgery was easy but guess what, the fainting spells came back with a vengeance. Now all of these symptoms I had over the years fall into one category, Marfan syndrome. The good news is since I’ve been dealing with the symptoms since I was a teen, I already have a great team of doctors in place. The only thing that has changed is I no longer have to say I have this, I have that, I can just say Marfan.

What I need now is a network of resources for diabetes, Marfan syndrome and the 50 years woman syndrome ;D. I can’t say that one out loud for fear of promoting some new symptoms. Lets deal with what I already got going on for now. Until next time ….. Keep wondering.

Where to begin.

I’ve learned nothing is permanent, fixed, coursed or sure. The last year has been stranger than strange especially for someone like me. I had my life planned to the end. I didn’t expect to be where I am now. I was expecting to work another 5 years, my children are already grown and me living the life I dreamed of was on the horizon. Now I am retired (not complaining about that), raising my grandchildren and living in a new home in a different city. But all is well. I’m starting this blog as a journey to help me in adjusting to new life struggles and maybe I can learned something, teach something, make a friend, be a friend and find contentment in the wonders of it all.